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Hello, I'm Marc Shargel. You may regard me as a multi-talented renaissance man:

  • For 30 years I have been a professional photographer of the natural world and travel subjects, specializing in underwater photography.
  • I have been teaching meditation and intuitive development for over 30 years.
  • I have been a developer of software for almost 40 years; I worked at Apple Computer, Inc. in the early 1980s, before there was a Mac or an iPhone. Currently, I build data-driven, dynamic websites.

Or you may see a graying "kid" who hasn't yet figured out what to do when he grows up—if he ever does.

You can look at my photographic work and product offerings at I add images to that website regularly. As of February, 2020, the count of photos available on the site is just over 14,000.

I've been teaching meditation and related techniques for over 30 years.
Most people have no control of their own minds: thoughts and images arise without their direction—or even permission! But the images we "look" at have a tremendous influence on our bodies and our behavior. I was a student of Lewis Bostwick and people he trained. For more information, click here.

I worked at a little startup called Apple Computer back in the Apple][ years. I went free-lance about the time the first Macintosh was released, and now specialize in building data-driven websites. The extensive photo search capacity of my own website is one example. Another can be found in the library of monographs available at

If you'd like to contact Marc about his photography or his spiritual work, you can send an email here.
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